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Quality and precision

Reliable solutions

We respect our business partners, their time, money, and reputation. Because we know that they expect reliable solutions, we assure high quality of our products. In our production process,  we use the highest quality materials of the world's top brands.

High-tech machinery

We use modern machinery by the world's leading manufacturers. To manage the activity of our company, we use the ERP system integrated with the IT systems of our customers and suppliers. However, we are aware that machines are not enough. Our products are manufactured by a team of qualified employees, under the supervision of experienced technologists. We use multi-stage and precise quality control which is also confirmed by quality audits of demanding foreign customers. 

Attention to detail

 We pay attention to detail not only during the manufacturing process. We handle our furniture with care – there is no room for compromise in this area. The furniture is protected in transport with packaging made of 5-layer endless cardboard customised by a CNC machine.
We have a modern warehouse thanks to which we provide error-free deliveries.