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About Us

Functional furniture for demanding customers

Sancro Furniture is a combination of advanced technology and elegance. Our mission is to create functional furniture for demanding customers. We sell and deliver assembled furniture because we understand that the contemporary customer expects easy solutions that save time.


We are a credible and reliable business partner. For 20 years our furniture has been sold to reputable furniture stores in many European countries. Nearly 95% of our  products are exported.

Current trends

We are flexible. Cooperation with our trading partners is maintained on a long-term  partnership basis. We apply the highest standards in  the production process and customer service. We follow the latest trends in furniture manufacturing. We exchange experience with the customers. New designs are implemented in cooperation with renowned designers.

Our offer for professional customers

Home and office furniture

Assembled furniture for dining room, living room, walk-in wardrobe, children's room in countless colours and patterns.

Industrial cooperation product

Furniture and furniture components produced under industrial cooperation. 

3D wall panels

Decorative 3D wall panels